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Port of Rotterdam to stop UK livestock imports in case of no-deal Brexit

The Port of Rotterdam will stop the imports of livestock from the UK in April, as a key inspection point at the Port is not ready yet. As Mark Dijk, the port’s manager of external affairs, informed they experience some problems, including livestock. Brexit is now scheduled for April 12, instead of the original deadline of March 29.

Customs revenues in Hamburg total EUR 30.5 billion in 2018

The Customs in Hamburg reported receipts of 29.1 billion euros for the German state in 2018. This represented at least one-fifth of receipts for the entire Customs administration. The real heavyweights in these statistics are takings from Energy Tax of almost 16 billion euros and import-turnover tax of about 12 billion euros.

Playground from fishing nets located in port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam launched Blue City’s 2018 Plastic Design Challenge, supporting start-ups develop initiatives to realise the circular economy step by step. One of the teams innovated by building a playground from fishing nets.

Ancient Egyptian breakbulk port discovered on Nile

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced that archaeologists discovered an ancient port on the Nile River that was once used to transport stone for temple-building. The discovered area could be conclusively identified as a port by its fittings and carved heiroglyphic instructions for mooring.

Port of Rotterdam’s plan towards decarbonization

As the European elections take place in May 2019, the Port of Rotterdam sets out its priorities for the coming years in the field of decarbonization. The Port of Rotterdam highlights that a system change is necessary to enable the energy transition, both in Rotterdam and in the rest of Europe. Namely the Port of Rotterdam will focus on energy transition, biobased and circular economy, Carbon Capture and Storage, dydrogen and renewables, and decarbonisation of transport.

Port of Long Beach sees mediocre cargo growth for 2019

Experts during the 15th annual Pulse of the Ports Peak Season Forecast at the Port of Long Beach, commented on a slowing domestic economy that will most probably lead to a mediocre uptick in container imports through 2019, after a robust year that experienced a record-high cargo growth due to trade dispute with China.

Warehouse 6 enhances bulk transhipment at Port of Rotterdam

As the Warehouse 6 at EBS Laurenshaven terminal is completed, the Port of Rotterdam now has another asset in the transshipment of high quality minerals and biomass. For European Bulk Services, this also marks the next step in the transition from coal to other products. A total 126,000 cubic metres of covered storage capacity has been added, bringing EBS’s total capacity in Rotterdam to 650,000 cubic metres.

Port of Amsterdam: New berths operational at Afrikahaven

A number of new berths have been added for inland shipping in the mouth of the Afrikahaven, the Port of Amsterdam reported. The berths became operational last week, and they are specially designed for tankers carrying flammable materials. The project also incorporates the addition of three mooring quays plus mooring piles, as well as the construction of a concrete quay.

Quechen Silicon leader confirms Marseille Fos port deal

The Marseille Fos port authority and Quechen Silicon Chemical signed an agreement ratifying the company’s decision to build a €105 million ($118 million) processing plant on a 12-hectare site in the Fos industrial zone. Quechen signed an initial letter of intent with the French port in January 2018. 


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