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New LNG facility to be built at Port of Antwerp

Over the next year and a half Fluxys will build at quay 526-528 the necessary infrastructure for barges and smaller seagoing ships to fill up with LNG at a permanent facility with LNG storage. For this purpose the company is cooperating with G&V Energy Group, which will also build an LNG filling station for trucks on the same site.

UK issues ‘good practice’ guide on port marine operations

The UK MCA issued a report for port operations, providing a detailed guidance on a number of issues relevant to the management of ports and other marine facilities, as a supplement to the Port Marine Safety Code. The publication is designed to provide general guidance and examples of how an organisation could meet its commitments in terms of compliance with the Code. 

Port of Long Beach launches largest US zero-emissions project

The project is funded mostly by a $9.7 million grant from the California Energy Commission, and will bring 25 vehicles that are zero – or near zero -emissions to Port of Long Beach marine terminals for one year to test their performance in a real-world setting. The project aims to reduce GHG by more than 1,323 tons and smog-causing nitrogen oxides by 27 tons each year.

Hamburg Süd, Electrolux team up to reduce port emissions

During its layovers in Manzanillo, Callao, Iquique and Puerto Angamos, between 11 and 24 March, the 7,114 TEU boxship ‘Santa Catarina’ voluntarily used MGO to operate its auxiliary engines and boilers, instead of standard HFO, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in ports. In these ports, switching fuel is not mandatory.

Pollution prevention regulations from May at Tianjin Port

China Classification Society provided an unofficial translation explaining the regulations on prevention and control of ship pollution which are coming into force from 1 May, 2018 in Tianjin, Northern China’s largest port.

Port of Oakland announces investment for its development

Port of Oakland informed that the containerized cargo volume moving through Oakland is expected to increase 2% per year for the next five years.  This will be boosted by a $700 million injection of capital from outside investors. The investment in facilities and infrastructure aims to boost Oakland’s global trade status.

Fire breaks out at Port of Hodeidah

A fire erupted at the Port of Hodeidah in Yemen, on Saturday March 31. The fire destroyed warehouses, which were filled with cooking fuel and food supplies. Fire trucks have not managed to extinguish the fire in the warehouses area, which workers said that it may have been caused by an electrical short circuit.

Nigeria begins construction of Lekki Deep Sea Port

The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari launched the construction of the Lekki Deep Sea Port in Lagos, on March 29, noting that the Nigerian Government will provide the necessary support for this project. The aim of the project is to become one of the largest sea ports in the region, and be a port operations hub for West Africa.

Port of King’s Lynn welcomes 300 tonne gas turbine

The new gas turbine arrived at the Port of King’s Lynn onboard the general cargo vessel MV Eastern Vanquish. Because the port is close to the power station, the port will enable a natural flow of goods from incoming vessels to their ultimate destination, reducing the distance travelled by cargo and reducing transport costs.