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Port of Riga to improve cargo handling with new technology

The company Jaunzeltiņi has recently introduced several technologies for loading timber into containers. Timber is increasingly being exported from Riga in containers. One of these technologies is the so-called “loading plate. This technology enables placing cargo on the specially designed “plate” quickly and effectively and loading it into the container automatically.

Egyptian ports to remain open 24 hours a day

Egypt’s Transportation Minister Hesham Arafat informed that the country will keep its ports open for 24 hours a day, in order to reduce the waiting times for shipment. Currently, Egyptian ports stay open for 16 hours. The minister did not made clear when the new port hours will be launched or for how long the new policy will remain in place.

Ports of LA, Long Beach fund for technologies to reduce air pollution

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are offering seed money to foster the development of new goods-movement technologies that will improve air quality, as part of the ports’ Technology Advancement Program. The Ports’ TAP is focused on clean technologies specifically for maritime related mobile sources that operate in and around ports.

Port-based incentives important in reducing shipping emissions

The International Transport Forum released a report, reviewing port-based incentive schemes to reduce shipping emissions, such as environmentally differentiated port fees. The report wants to determine how the financial incentives at the port level could provide important lessons for the design of decarbonisation policies for the maritime sector.

Port of Singapore to use AI to improve port calls

Fujitsu, Singapore Management University, and A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing, will collaborate to develop new technologies to improve vessel traffic management in the Port of Singapore, with the support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. These technologies will use AI and big data analytics.

Port of Rotterdam to use new technology to improve port calls

The Port of Rotterdam will use a new digital technology will help ships arriving to the Port, in their port planning. This technology aims to assist vessels adjust speed as the actors exchange planned arrival time automatically. Namely, Sea Traffic Management, STM, and Port of Rotterdam have established electronic exchange of arrival times between ships and port.

Port of Long Beach achieves first quarter record

The Port of Long Beach informed that it achieved its best-ever first quarter, with marine terminals handling almost 1.9 million TEUs, from January through March. The quick start is 19.4% more than the first quarter of 2017, which is the Port’s busiest year ever. The previous first quarter record that the Port of Long Beach had set was in 2007.

Port of Kiel unveils sustainability concept

German Port of Kiel and the federal state capital Kiel have cooperated on a concept aimed at providing sustainable development in the port. ‘Blue Port Kiel’ outlines strategies and initiatives in three spheres of activity aimed at making energy resources more efficient, reducing emissions and transferring hinterland transport to rail.

BPA: GHG strategy decided at MEPC 72 must not distort competition

Commenting on the ongoing discussions on a GHG strategy at MEPC 72, Mark Simmonds, Policy Manager at British Ports Association, noted that any agreements reached this week should be implemented by the UK Government in a pragmatic and sensible manner, so that they will not disadvantage any particular region or distort competition.

Africa must exploit its ports to increase growth

Africa needs to benefit from the economic potential of its ports and shipping sector, in order to achieve its growth ambitions. Ports are gateways for 80% of merchandise trade by volume and 70% by value, and therefore they are vital in emerging economies that are currently under-served by modern transportation facilities.


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