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New deep water port to be built in Texas

Trafigura has applied to build a deep water port in Texas, US. The port will be able to load supertankers, supplying the very much needed oil export infrastructure to the country. The port will enable VLCCs to load cargo via a single-point mooring buoy system and will have a capacity of about 500,000 barrels per day.

Port of Long Beach votes on fuel-cell power plant and new fueling station

The Port of Long Beach will vote on a proposal by Toyota Logistics Services to reconfigure its facility at Pier B and build a renewable fuel-cell power plant and hydrogen fueling station, on Monday, August 13. The facility will include a 2.3-megawatt fuel-cell power plant and a new fueling station that includes pumps dedicated to hydrogen.

UN: Port of Hodeidah must remain open to help civilians

During a briefing on the conflicts around Hodeidah port, Director of Operations and Advocacy division, John Ging, highlighted the importance that this port and the port of Saleef remain open. This will facilitate the flow of imports, in order to cover urgent needs for the people that are in distress.

Port of Long Beach to use “green” cargo handling equipment

The Port of Long Beach informed that the third and final phase of the Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project is underway and is expected to be completed on time. Once finished the facility will use “green” cargo handling equipment. This equipment will be using electricity or alternative fuels to move containers.

Ways to deal with inadequate port reception facilities

Compliance with MARPOL’s discharge requirements by a vessel many times depends on the availability of enough port reception facilities. Inadequate port reception facilities can raise a serious pollution threat to the marine environment. For this reason, the Republic of the Marshall Islands presents ways to deal with such situations.

Port Houston records largest container throughput in its history

Port Houston moved 1.3 million container TEUs through the first six months of 2018, a 6% increase from 2017, Executive Director Roger Guenther announced in his report to the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority in its regular monthly meeting held Tuesday.

Port of Newcastle, Australia considers building container terminal

The new CEO of the Port of Newcastle, Craig Carmody, committed the Port of Newcastle to developing a container terminal to boost jobs and business opportunities in the Hunter region and reduce the number of trucks on Sydney’s roads with expanded use of Newcastle’s rail connectivity.

Transshipment at Port of Amsterdam drops 4.8% in first half of 2018

Transshipment in the North Sea Canal Area at the seaports Amsterdam, IJmuiden, Beverwijk and Zaanstad declined to 49.4 million tonnes in the first half of 2018, a decrease of 5.1%, while the Port of Amsterdam saw transshipment fall by 4.8% to 40.2 million tonnes.

Port of Gothenburg starts eelgrass replanting project

The Port of Gothenburg has started replanting 1.7 hectares of eelgrass beds to compensate for the eelgrass that will disappear while the port is building a new terminal. It is the largest replantion of eelgrass ever in Sweden. Eelgrass test plantings have now commenced in two locations just outside port area.

India releases guidelines to advance ports investment

The Indian Ministry of Shipping has undertaken a number of initiatives as part of its attempt to enhance profitability across major Indian ports. Namely, India has issued fresh guidelines to all the major ports on the investment of the funds that will be provided.


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