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Port of Seville manages transportation of offshore wind towers to England

The Port of Seville in Spain, and especially the Armamento dock, will accommodate a new commercial shipment of offshore wind towers. The GRI Towers Sevilla company has transported four parts of towers in the last days. Each tower weighs 380 tonnes and is 85 metres in length. The large structures are heading to the East Anglia One park.

UK oil and gas sector will need 40,000 new workers the next 20 years

A report into UK oil and gas workforce dynamics, called UKCS Workforce Dynamics Review, indicates that more than 40,000 new people will need to be recruited into the industry over the next 20 years, including 10,000 in posts that don’t even exist today. The report was created by OPITO in collaboration with the RGU Oil and Gas Institute.

New project aims to reduce costs of cable failures in offshore wind

A joint industry project, comprising DNV GL, ECN, WMC, BREM, VanderHoekPhotonics, Deltares and other partners, seeks to reduce power-cable failures in offshore wind farms. These failures are the key risk affecting the offshore wind industry, representing about 80% of insurance claims.

New UK project eyes autonomous vessels in offshore wind

A new industry project in UK is set to explore the technical, regulatory and societal issues of using autonomous surface vessels, integrated with existing manned shipping operations, to support offshore wind farm operations and maintenance, as well as to develop a timeline for the phased introduction of autonomous vessels.

Norway announces offshore lease sale

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced this year’s licensing round in mature areas on the Norwegian continental shelf, namely the Awards in Predefined Areas 2018. Awarding acreage in mature areas in annual APA-rounds is part of the Norwegian Government’s attempt to a stable and long-term petroleum policy

Self-installing winds turbine nears end of construction

The Elican wind turbine, which is self-installing, is currently undergoing the final tests in the Spanish port of Arinaga in Gran Canaria, before it can be able to be towed to the installation site. This will probably happen at the end of May. An auxiliary flotation system and the installation of the turbine was successfully were attached to the unit.

EPA announces new audit program for oil and gas sector

The US Environmental Protection Agency is developing a New Owner Clean Air Act Audit Program designed for the oil and natural gas sector. This program will provide environmentally protective efficiencies and certainty in the oil and natural gas sector based on the Agency’s analysis of the sector’s unique operations. 

New York advances bill banning offshore drilling

New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the ‘Save Our Waters’ bill. This bill aims to prohibit the leasing of lands, including underwater lands, for offshore drilling and exploration, and drilling infrastructure in New York State waters. In January 2018, the US government proposed to make more than 90% of the total offshore acreage in the US available to oil and gas drilling.

Offshore wind a viable option for renewable energy

IEA reports that policy support, technology advances and a maturing supply chain are making offshore wind a viable option for renewables-based electricity generation, leveraging the consistent and higher wind speeds available offshore. Investment has increased in recent years and, with less restrictions on size and height than their onshore counterparts, offshore wind turbines became giants.

IEA predicts a comeback of offshore projects

IEA released its Offshore Energy Outlook, saying that the energy produced offshore is a major component of global oil and natural gas supply and could provide an increasingly important source of renewable electricity. Resources are vast, but offshore projects have to prove that they have to be sustainable, amid a variety of pressures on the world’s oceans.


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