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Offshore wind is Ireland’s opportunity according to KPMG’s report

New report from KPMG for NOW Ireland reveals that offshore wind can be a great opportunity for Ireland to transform into a low carbon economy. The report identifies the growing renewable energy demand in Ireland and particularly the way in which offshore wind can deliver the supply to meet that demand.

ABS: Guidance on smart function implementation

ABS issued guidance providing the marine and offshore industries an actionable framework for owners, operators and manufacturers to take smart steps today in preparation for an environmentally sustainable future. The ‘ABS Guidance Notes on Smart Function Implementation’ support data infrastructure development, enabling health and performance monitoring, and augmenting vessel operations.

Australia reveals changes on oil and gas taxation

The Australian Commonwealth Changes announced changes to the petroleum resource rent tax, in order to collect increased taxes from oil and gas operators. The PRRT is a tax generally on profits generated from the sale of marketable petroleum commodities.

UK to announce changes on offshore wind auction

The UK government is planning to publish during November the final policy regarding changes to the contract for difference scheme for the third round, which will launch May 2019, regarding offshore wind and other less established technologies. The previous CfD auction took place in 2017.

Ghana starts construction of LNG import project

Ghana’s LNG import project has started construction, as two vessels were contracted to store and regasify the fuel by 2020. The LNG terminal will have the capability of importing 2 mtpa, leaving 0.3 mtpa of supplies for further negotiations. In addition, the project is not subject to finance or any other pending permit.

Eni, Total partner with Sonatrach for offshore exploration in Algeria

Italian oil major Eni and French energy major Total signed an agreement with Algeria’s state-owned oil company Sonatrach, for offshore exploration in the North African country. In parallel, Eni and Total will also pursue obtaining exploration permits that will allow for the rapid completion of the hydrocarbon potential assessment.

Norway, Russia agree to acquire seismic data in Barents Sea

The new agreement will include a right for seismic vessels from both countries to cross the delimitation line and use their seismic equipment within a distance of 5 kilometers on the continental shelf of the other country. According to the Delimitaion Agreement of 2010, such discoveries shall be subject to unitization.

Asia-Pacific offshore wind capacity to increase 20 times the next decade

New research from Wood Mackenzie shows that Asia-Pacific’s offshore wind capacity will increase 20 times to 43 GW in 2027. China is still in number one, which is expected to see offshore wind capacity rise from 2 GW last year to 31 GW in the next decade. Taiwan will account for 20% or 8.7 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2027.

Oregon to prevent offshore oil and gas drilling

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown announced that it will not allow offshore oil drilling off Oregon’s coast. Namely, an executive order directs state agencies to prevent activities regarding offshore oil and gas drilling in Oregon. The state is worried that offshore oil and gas drilling will put coastal economies, fisheries, the environment and safety at risk.

Shell joins the Global Wind Energy Council

British oi major Shell has joined the Global Wind Energy Council as a board level member. Shell is taking part in GWEC’s Offshore Taskforce, which brings together leading industry actors to accelerate the development of offshore wind in new global markets.


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