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Emergency Procedures: How to act during a cargo shifting

Load shifting is a commonly dangerous situation for ships carrying solid cargo, bulk cargo ships and containerships.  A good seamanship and compliance to safety regulations while loading or trimming, are some of the factors that should be considered before operations start.

Emergency Procedures: The case of ship flooding

During a vessel’s voyage at sea, there are many dangers which may affect hers and personnel’s safety. One of these hazards, which may rapidly lead -at the worst case scenario- for vessel and human life loss, is ship flooding.

A seafarer’s social media guide

There are several social networking sites specific to the interests of maritime personnel. However, seafarers should be mindful on how to use them. Below is a quick guide on how to have a responsible social media usage as a seafarer.

Learn from the past: The Princess of the Seas deadly sinking

21st of June marks ten years after the deadly capsizing of the ferry ‘Princess of the Stars’ off Romblon, at the height of Typhoon Fengshen. Resulting from a fatal combination of heavy weather and human error and causing over 800 fatalities, the accident is considered as a significant part of Philippines heavy legacy of maritime disasters.

Emergency Procedures: Fire onboard

A fire onboard may happen in every vessel and is one of the most dangerous emergencies for a vessel. But, what are the most usual causes and the preventive actions to be taken?

Emergency Procedures: Actions to be taken in case of ship grounding

The term ‘unintentional grounding’ in shipping describes the accidental impact of the ship on seabed or waterway side. Such accidents effect on both the ship and the environment, but the worst scenario is to lead in the loss of human lives. This article underlines the seriousness of unintentional ship grounding.  

Emergency Procedures: What if a ship collision happened? What needs to be done?

Since our Bridge Procedures Guide has been completed, a new series of articles is released; the “Emergency Procedure Guide”. These articles are meant to help and guide the officers and the crew on what to do in case of emergency situations, such as fire, injuries, groundings and collisions. Ship collision accidents is the focus theme to read about!


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