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Emergency Procedures: Fire onboard

A fire onboard may happen in every vessel and is one of the most dangerous emergencies for a vessel. But, what are the most usual causes and the preventive actions to be taken?

Emergency Procedures: Actions to be taken in case of ship grounding

The term ‘unintentional grounding’ in shipping describes the accidental impact of the ship on seabed or waterway side. Such accidents effect on both the ship and the environment, but the worst scenario is to lead in the loss of human lives. This article underlines the seriousness of unintentional ship grounding.  

Emergency Procedures: What if a ship collision happened? What needs to be done?

Since our Bridge Procedures Guide has been completed, a new series of articles is released; the “Emergency Procedure Guide”. These articles are meant to help and guide the officers and the crew on what to do in case of emergency situations, such as fire, injuries, groundings and collisions. Ship collision accidents is the focus theme to read about!

Bridge Procedure: GNSS failure while using the ECDIS

As mentioned in the previous article of our Bridge Procedure series, since ECDIS is a complex system, it is critical to clarify what should be done in cases of an emergency situations. Intermittent signal and GNSS failure while using the ECDIS is one of them.

Bridge Procedures: Mandatory actions during ECDIS setup

In todays shipping industry, it is beyond doubt that ECDIS has become the main tool for watchkeeping officers on board ships. As a result the Masters, navigating officers, and ship-owners should be aware of the benefits of the chart display, the safety settings, and the alarm system of ECDIS.

ICC Incoterms under revision to keep pace with global trade landscape

The ICC Incoterms® rules are an internationally recognised standard which have become an essential part of the daily language of trade.  Published by the International Chamber of Commerce, the Incoterms Rules allow buyers and sellers to transact business with the certainty that each understands all obligations concerning the tasks, costs and risks involved in the delivery of goods.

Bridge Procedures: How to ensure vessel’s proper steering gear testing

A sudden operational failure of equipment or technical systems on board may result in a hazardous situation, that equipment or system is considered critical. In this Bridge Procedure article, we are going to explain why the steering gear is one of the most critical systems on a vessel and how to ensure vessel’s proper testing in the steering gear system. 


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