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Infographic: Top 20 of the world’s busiest ports

As trade volumes continue to increase, the world’s busiest ports continue to grow larger and more efficient to meet demand. In just the last four years, the median annual volume of the top 50 ports jumped from 5.49 to 5.86 million TEUs. The World Economic Forum, in cooperation with Visual Capitalist, issued an infographic depicting the world’s busiest ports.

Infographic: Blockchain participants; data offer and value proposition

Partnerships and collaborations among players in the T&L value chain, including competitors, are needed to provide the foundation for the ecosystem. Many collaborations, such as Ocean Alliance and Yang Ming or Modern Terminals and TradeLens highlight the importance of partnership in order to achieve efficient operations.

Infographic: The advantages blockchain provides

Although blockchain poses challenges in the transportation and logistics sector, it also provides benefits. Since 2013, venture capital investors have poured approximately $300 million into startup companies offering blockchain solutions relevant to T&L. 

Infographic: 9 challenges blockchain faces

In September and October 2018, BCG conducted an online survey of global companies in the T&L industry in  order to assess their understanding of blockchain and their progress in adopting the technology. In order to acknowledge the promise of blockchain, T&L stakeholders must collaborate to develop an ecosystem that forges trust and creates mutual benefits across the value chain.

Infographic: 8 solutions to decrease fossil fuel use

World Economic Forum discovered eight areas that are most likely to experience an advancement that result in serious impacts for the energy sector as a whole. Yet, the eight shifts could impact fossil fuel and result to its reduction. Today, due to climate change and the challenges the environment faces it is of a big importance for the industry to find solutions in additional renewables. 

Infographic: The story of Arctic HFO ban so far

Due to the important risks around HFO, the international shipping community banned its use and carriage by ships around Antarctica in 2011. To describe the process of what have been done and what will be done in the future, the Clean Arctic Alliance published an infographic. A ban on HFO in the Arctic was considered in 2013 during the deliberations on the IMO Polar Code.

Infographic: How e-learning benefits productivity

Be Cyber at Sea published an infographic presenting the benefits of e-learning. In today’s society almost everyone is connected and can be benefited from various online courses. These will help them improve their professional skills as well as their personality. According to the infographic, productivity increases by 43% when using a mobile device as a training device in contrast to non-mobile users. 

Two companies fined due to GDPR violation

British Authorities fined an insurance company and an advertising agency 135.000 pounds as they violated the GDPR regulation. Both of the companies belong to the same person. It was found out, after an investigation, that the person responsible mistreated their customers’ personal information for political purposes.

Data Protection Day: EU GDPR in numbers

On the occasion of the EU Data Protection Day on 28 January, the European Commission noted key highlights with respect to eight months since the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into force, providing a global standard for the strongest and most modern data protection rules in the world.

Infographic: Ten steps to cyber security

In 2018, more than half (52%) small businesses were attacked by cyber criminals, according to a recent Cyber ​​Security awareness survey of Alert Online. In an informative infographic, UK National Cyber Security Centre summarizes a 10-step-guide for organisations to protect themselves in cyber space. 


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