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Infographic: The fuels of the future

IMO has developed an ambitious target to achieve a minimum of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. However, to keep in line with this target, shipping industry must trust alternative fuels, that will lead it into the decarbonized future.

Infographic: 2019 was a record year on LNG supply growth

Oil major, Shell, launched its LNG Outlook for 2020, presenting the trends of 2019 concerning the liquefied natural gas demand and growth, highlighting that the year that passed was a record-year of LNG supply growth.

Infographic: Impacts of delaying the ban of HFO use in Arctic

On the sidelines of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Arctic Summit, HFO-Free Arctic, global campaign by the Clean Arctic Alliance 2020, published an inforgraphic informing of the severe impacts of HFO use in the Arctic, also highlighting the economic impacts of clean-up costs and an HFO ban.

Infographic: Royal Caribbean’s 5 keys to healthy cruising

The cruise industry is making changes to its schedules and voyages trying to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak and protect its passengers and crew onboard. Thus, Royal Caribbean presents five key steps for a healthy cruising experience.

OWASP Top 10 IoT: Understanding cyber threat

In its February 2020 newsletter the Korean Register informs that that the goal of the OpenWeb Application Security Project (OWASP)’s  Things Internet Project is to help manufacturers, developers, and consumers further understand more accurately the security issues associated with the Internet of Things and help users make wiser decisions in terms of security when building, distributing or evaluating IoT technology. Namely, in the infographic provided, OWASP informs about the ten vulnerabilities concerning the IoT.

What to know when travelling to and from Coronavirus-affected countries

The new coronavirus has cost the lives of 132 people, while the number of confirmed cases continue to rise every day. Of course, seafarers must be aware of this situation, and take the necessary proactive measures, in order to stay healthy. For this reason, Sailors’ Society published an infographic with all the necessary information to be protected from the new virus.

Infographic: Maritime Singapore’s performance in 2019

The MPA Singapore published an infographic concerning the overview of Maritime Singapore’s key performance for 2019, in relation to the Singapore port; the shipping market; and the general economic performance of the country.

IMO 2020: Compliant Fuel Availability Assessment

As the IMO 2020 sulphur cap is just around the corner, Argus Media published an infographic depicting compliant fuel’s availability assessment worldwide. Despite being at a very early stage, sales of 2020 compliant fuel have already started at ports globally.

Infographic: MPA Singapore port performance in October

MPA Singapore issued its port-performance for October 2019, focusing on key port indicators, such as the number of vessels arriving, the container throughput, the cargo throughput and the bunker sales. Generally, October saw an increase in vessel arrivals and container throughput, but a decrease in cargo volumes and bunker sales. 

Infographic: Australian cruise sector contributes to AUD 5.2b output

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Australian Cruise Association (ACA) published an infographic focusing on the Australian cruise industry and its development for 2018 to 2019, highlighting that the sector experienced an increase of 11.2% in its total value to the national economy in the past year.


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