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UN denies protection of the most fished shark in the world

During the UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species the participators did not agree for the protection of the blue shark, which is the most heavily fished shark globally. Blue Shark is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as near threatened globally.

Russian Fisheries agency’s research fleet is getting smaller

On the 1st of November, a fire onboard the ‘Vilnyus’ started early morning and destroyed most of the ship’s equipment. The vessel was docked at the Murmansk Fisheries Port and no-one was hurt, as the local emergency authority informed. Unfortunately, the vessel is highly unlikely to return to the sea and the fleet of the Russian Fisheries agency is expected to decrease even further.

Captain sentenced 20 years for shark finning in Tanzania

The owner and captain of the Malaysian-flagged fishing vessel ‘Buah Naga 1’, that was boarded and arrested by Tanzanian law enforcement agents as part of Operation Jodari, have pleaded guilty to the charge of Unlawful Possession of Shark Fins in a plea agreement with Tanzanian prosecutors, Sea Shepherd informed. 

Ten principles for global transparency in fishing industry

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) issued ten basic principles for states to follow in a bid to achieve transparency in global fisheries, a sector which has been at the centre of numerous human rights violations and for illegal fishing practices which pose a significant threat to the world’s ecosystems. 

NGOs provide suggestions for 2019 total allowable catches

Ahead of the EU Fisheries Council Meeting which will take place on 17-18 December in Brussels, NGOs have written to EU Fisheries Ministers, providing recommendations for total allowable catches. These regard selected Northeast Atlantic and North Sea stocks in 2019.

Taiwan urged to ensure bigger transparency in fishing sector

In a new investigation, the EJF reported several illegal fishing practices and human rights violations related to Taiwanese vessels. As such, the NGO is calling for Taiwan to sign up to the ten principles for fisheries transparency and for immediate action to be taken to prosecute vessels and companies alleged to be involved in illegal fishing and human rights abuses.

Watch: Lifejackets crucial in overboard incidents

In its latest Maritime Safety video, CHIRP highlights the dangerous practice of fishermen of not wearing lifejackets and discussing the possible tragic consequences in overboard incidents. The report advises that all fishermen should take their personal safety into account by conducting a (dynamic) risk assessment into the possibility of falling overboard.

Thailand to be first in Asia to ratify ILO’s Work in Fishing Convention

Thailand is set become the first country in Asia to ratify the Work in Fishing Convention C188, which sets basic standards of decent work in the fishing industry. On 29 November, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly approved proposal to proceed with the ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention No. 188, 2007 (C188).

US Court upholds ban on Mexican seafood imports dangerous for Vaquita

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decided to uphold a preliminary order implementing a federal law that requires a ban on seafood imported from Mexico’s Upper Gulf of California and caught with gillnets that drown the vaquita porpoise. The decision is critical to the survival of the remaining 15 vaquita.


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