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Crew fatality after entanglement with gear stresses potting hazards

A deckhand onboard a potter became entangled in the gear that was being shot away. The deckhand was dragged overboard and remained submerged for approximately 15 minutes before he was hauled to the surface with the pot hauler. The UK MAIB issued an investigation report.

Poor maintenance of electrical equipment leads to fishing vessel total loss

In latest edition of its Safety Digest, the UK MAIB describes a case of fire in the crew mess room of a fishing vessel that was secured alongside in port. The three crew who were sleeping onboard escaped without injury, but the vessel was extensively damaged. The investigation identified that electrical failure was the key cause.

Owner of pirate fishing vessel ‘Thunder’ fined €8.2 million

Florindo González Corral, the Spanish fishing tycoon who owned the pirate fishing vessel ‘Thunder’, has been fined 8.2 million euros in a civil case brought by the Spanish government. Thunder was an INTERPOL-wanted fishing vessel involved in more than 10 years of illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean, before its captain deliberately sank it in Gulf of Guinea.

Ghana commits to improve its fishing industry

A meeting was organised by the Environmental Justice Foundation, Hen Mpoano and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. It brought together all levels of decision makers, from traditional authorities, to local and national government, and discussed how the voluntary guidelines could inform law making in Ghana to save the future of fishing communities.

How fisheries impact global carbon emissions

Catching most types of fish produces far less carbon per kilo of protein than land-based alternatives, such as beef or lamb, according to a new study by IMAS and Canadian scientists. The study provides the first global breakdown of wild fishery emissions by country and compares the carbon impact of each nation’s fishing industry with agriculture and livestock production.

Lessons learned: Submarine snagging into fishing gears

The UK MAIB presented a submarine’s hit into a fishing vessel’s gear, which put the fishermen’s life at great risk. UK MAIB emphasized that the responsibility for collision avoidance between a dived submarine and any other vessel rests entirely with the submarine’s command team. In this case, the crew misinterpreted the noise of the fishing vessels as a noise coming from a merchant ship.

HFO use by fishing vessels in IMO Polar Code Arctic

ICCT issued five briefing papers summarizing HFO use in the IMO Polar Code Arctic, for 2015. While ships registered in Russia consumed the most HFO by far in the region in 2015, followed by Denmark and South Korea, Russian-flagged fishing vessels emitted about 10 tonnes of BC, 10-times more than Denmark and South Korea.

Two more lancha crews interdicted over illegal fishing in US

The US Coast Guard law enforcement crews detected and interdicted two lancha boat crews engaged in illegal fishing in federal waters, off southern Texas, on Saturday morning and Sunday night. A total of seven Mexican fishermen were detained and transferred to border enforcement agents for processing.

Four lanchas arrested for illegal fishing in US waters

US Coast Guard law enforcement crews detected and interdicted four lancha boat crews engaged in illegal fishing of US waters near southern Texas, on from Sunday, March 11, to Tuesday, March 13. USCG stopped four lanchas with 20 Mexican fishermen conducting illegal fishing.

Greenpeace presents the dangers of krill fishing

Fishing for Antarctic krill is allowed in the Antarctic Ocean under the management of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. The fishery is often referred to as the best-managed in the world. Despite that, Greenpeace shows a pattern of fishing activity increasingly close to shore and in the immediate vicinity of penguin colonies and whale feeding grounds.


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