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Unattended wheelhouse the cause of Southern Bell’s sinking off Texas

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the grounding and sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Southern Bell’ in the Gulf of Mexico, east of Sabine Pass Jetty Channel, in October 2017, that resulted in a release of approximately 3,800 gallons of diesel and oil into the water and in vessel total loss.

Fishers fatalities give impetus to fishing vessel safety work

Although exact figures are hard to come by, preliminary estimates of fatalities in fishing are now over 32,000 people annually. These figures provided the background to talks at the Fifth International Fishing Industry Safety & Health Conference (iFish5), on 10–13 June, in St. John’s, Canada.

EU proposes new fund to support fishery sector

The new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund will continue to support the European fisheries sector for more sustainable fishing practices, as it will specifically focus on supporting small-scale fishermen. It will also help grow the potential of a sustainable blue economy towards a better future for coastal communities.

Wallem ship saves six fishermen

On Saturday 9th June 2018, the Captain and crewmembers of the Wallem-managed vessel the ‘KSL Seoul’ rescued six fishermen after their boat was involved in an accident and it was capsized. ‘KSL Seoul’ was sailing through the Mindoro Strait heading to Port Walcott in West Australia when they spotted the capsized fishing boat,

National Geographic awards initiatives to tackle illegal fishing

National Geographic Society announced the winners of the Marine Protection Prize. The Prize awards innovative solutions and technologies that protect and sustain fisheries in coastal communities. The winners are Paul Ferber of Marine Conservation Cambodia, Badr Idrissi of ATLAN Space and Melissa Garren of Pelagic Data Systems.

Belize removes flag of world’s largest fish factory ship

The International Marine Registry of Belize stripped the Damanzaihao of its flag, after request of Sea Shepherd Legal, for failing to appropriately complete its vessel registration materials and notify Belize of its record of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The move makes the vessel stateless.

New film highlights illegal fishing practice in Ghana

The Environmental Justice Foundation and NGO Hen Mpoano launched a new film highlighting an illegal fishing practice in Ghana. Marking the first ever International Day for the fight against IUU fishing, the film premiered on 5 June in Ghana to demonstrate the destructive and illegal practice known locally as ‘saiko’.

Sudden flooding of fishing vessel shows catch can affect stability

UK MAIB analyzed the flooding of a fishing vessel while underway and the rescue of its two crew by an RNLI lifeboat. The investigation revealed that the weight and location of the fish catch can significantly affect the vessel’s stability. The fishermen were uninjured and the actions of the RNLI crew prevented the potter sinking.

Safety equipment check vital to ensure safe operations

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes an incident where a fishing vessel caught fire. Flames broke out in the wheelhouse through a cable penetration in the deck, while an explosion blew out the wheelhouse windows and blew off the roof. It is possible that a leak allowed petrol into the vessel’s bilge .

USCG interdicts boat engaged in illegal fishing off Texas

The US Coast Guard crews stopped one lancha with a total of five Mexican fishermen onboard engaged in illegal fishing. One lancha boat, with fishing gear onboard, was seized. The Mexican fishermen were detained and transferred to border enforcement agents for processing.


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