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Precautions for vessels sailing in and around Ningbo-Zhoushan, China

Given that the fishing season in the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port area will start soon, the Liberian Registry issued guidance of shipping stakeholders to assist Liberian flagged vessels and provide additional information to assist Master’s in safely navigating highly congested waters off Ningbo-Zhoushan in the East China Sea.

Three States sign the Torremolinos Declaration

Three countries, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal, signed the “Torremolinos Declaration” in efforts to ratify the Cape Town Agreement by the tenth anniversary of its adoption (11 October 2022), and to combat illegal unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).

Fishing vessels in Antarctic fail safety checks, report finds

Fishing vessels in Antarctic waters are failing a majority of their safety inspections, Greenpeace International announced after analyzing PSC inspection records. The 26 reefers recorded transferring catch from fishing boats in the Antarctic in the period 2017-2019 failed 70% of their inspections.

UK: Possibility of fishermen facing trading friction with EU

The UK’s Environment Secretary, George Eustice, reported that British firms exporting their fish out of the country will experience some friction after the post-Brexit transmission period. Mr Eustice noted that the UK has increased its patrols in UK waters to enforce access to its waters, also by hiring vessels from private companies and deciding not to mothball some old Royal Navy boats at the end of their service.

Finland joins Cape Town Agreement on fishing vessel safety

Finland is the latest country to join the Cape Town Agreement concerning fishing vessel safety, in efforts to bring mandatory safety measures for fishing vessels of 24 m in length and over. The treaty will be enforced one year after at least 22 states, with an aggregate 3,600 fishing vessels of 24 meters in length and over operating on the high seas have expressed their consent to be bound by it.

Amazon’s pink dolphins under threat

According to Reuters, the Amazon river dolphin known as pink dolphin located in Brazil, is under threat since fishermen are hunting and killing them illegally by making them bait for a catfish called piracatinga, which gathers fish that demand high prices in the city.

Nautilus applauds UK for ratifying the MLC for fishing

Nautilus International applauded the enforcement of the ‘Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for fishing’ for providing decent working conditions for the fishing industry and protecting those working in the sector. The UK’s first report on the Convention is due 1 September 2021.

New bill ends automatic rights of EU vessels to UK fishing waters

As the UK officially exits the EU, the automatic right of EU vessels to fish in British waters, under the EU’s common fisheries policy, is to end, in a move that is considered a key benefit of Brexit for the UK. Under its five key negotiating principles with the EU, the UK government has engaged to make a better deal for UK fishermen.


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