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Trawlers continue illegal operations and dodge fines in Ghana

Trawlers continue to operate illegally, as well as dodge fines in Ghana, according to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). Namely, last year, the vessel Lu Rong Yuan Yu 956 was caught in Ghanaian waters with illegal nets and undersized ‘small pelagic’ fish on board. Despite the owners of the vessel were fined US$1 million fine, they refused to pay.

UK MCA to use technology to monitor commercial fishing compliance to ILO 188

The UK Maritime CoastGuard Agency (UK MCA) began monitoring the country’s commercial fishing industry and compliance with ILO 188, assisted by technological means to monitor the situation. UK MCA highlights that commercial fishing is the most dangerous profession, with totally seven lives lost in 2019.

DNV GL awards first ever offshore fish farming class certificate

Norwegian class DNV GL announced it provided the first ever certification to a fishing aquaculture farm. Ocean Farm 1 is the first salmon farm designed and built for exposed operation, with a novel design that combines solutions from aquaculture and the offshore industry.

USCG: Waste Reception Facilities on fishing ports

In the last post of USCG’s series on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff discusses how MARPOL 73/78 governing waste reception facilities applies to the three different categories of commercial fishing ports.

South Korea improves its laws to tackle illegal fishing

The South Korea made a revision on its Distant Water Fisheries Development Act, which is already under progress in order to tackle illegal fishing. As the Environmental Justice Foundation along with a group of other NGOs noted, the revision allows deterrent sanctions to be forced quickly and efficiently.

EU Fisheries Ministers should ban overfishing by 2020

Efforts to end overfishing in the EU continue, on the sidelines of an EU Fisheries Ministers gathering in Brussels to set fishing levels for the North East Atlantic for 2020, an action supported by more than half a million signatures from EU citizens.

UK fisheries human rights and social welfare project begins

British charity Human Rights at Sea and The Fishermen’s Mission have teamed up on a new UK Fisheries Sector Human Rights and Social Welfare Baseline Project, the first stage of which has now started to explore social welfare provisions in the sector.


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