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Blockchain: The New Kid on The Block

In this article, Constantin von Hirsch, Syndicate Executive, Eastern Syndicate, gives his thought on blockchain. As Mr. von Hirsch explains, blockchain technology could eventually lead to a sea change in the shipping industry. The potential impact of blockchain technology has been described by some commentators as the biggest revolution in shipping since the introduction of the container in the 1950s.

Bunker Time Bars: Buyers Beware

In this article, Rebecca Penn-Chambers, Syndicate Executive, Eastern Syndicate, provides an overview regarding common issues surrounding notification of off-specification bunker disputes. As Ms. Penn-Chambers says, bunker quality disputes are not a new phenomenon, but there has been an upward trend in the number of disputes.

2020 and beyond: The Ship Operator’s Perspective

During the 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Forum in Athens, Mr. Panos Kourkountis, Technical Director, Sea Traders SA, focused on 2020 sulphur cap and the operators’ perspective regarding the GHG emission reduction. He noted that unless safe, cheap and CO2 free fuel is made available in the near future, the shipping industry must implement a combination of emissions reduction measures to achieve 2030 and 2050 goals.

Losing control of the beach was just the icing on the cake

In this article, Mark Clark, Director of the MTI Network, discusses the necessity of a coordinated media response in case of a large mega box ship casualty. Analyzing the example of the MSC Napoli grounding off UK in 2007, Mr. Clark explains what are the key steps to follow when managing such a media crisis.

An overview of the insurance implications of a mega box ship casualty

The trend of the increasing ship sizes has major benefits for maritime transport, but a mega box ship casualty will result in a number of losses and third party liabilities for an owner. In this article, Revecca Vasiliou and Ursula O’Donnell, Divisional Claims Directors at the Standard P&I Club, discuss the major areas of P&I cover that respond to a major mega box ship casualty.

The role of the SCR in the salvage of mega box ships

Amid the growing trend of an increase in ship sizes, Mr. Nick Haslam, Principal Master Mariner at Brookes Bell, uses his insight as a Special Casualty Representative (SCR) to consider what are the priorities during salvage of mega box ships.

Time to put some real thrills into shipboard drills

Too many shipboard safety drills have become meaningless reminders of procedure. Capt. Yves Vandenborn says good drills should reflect the roller-coaster ride of real-life emergencies. The problem with many safety drills today is that nobody takes them seriously.

Mega Ship Challenges toward 2020 from the P&I perspective

During the 2019 Hellenic American maritime Forum in Athens, Mrs. Elina Souli, Regional Business Development Director, V.P. – FD&D Manager, The American P&I Club, talked about the cost and exposure of P&I incidents, which has increased substantially.

LNG as a Fuel: Key considerations

During the 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Forum, Mr. Antonis Trakakis, Chief Technology Officer, FORWARD SHIPS, talked about LNG as a fuel. Namely, Mr. Trakakis stated that LNG provides the safest path towards a carbonless future, and there is no reason for the delay of its uptake.

The road to the New Safety

During the inaugural Hellenic American Maritime Forum in Athens, Mrs. Maria Christopoulou, Quality & Training Manager, Neda Maritime Agency Co. Ltd. said shipping companies may need to adopt a practical method based on a SWOT analysis, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and turning them into opportunities.


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