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Husky Energy to replace connector after 2018 offshore oil spill

Oil company Husky Energy is planning to install a replacement flowline connector at the White Rose Field. This comes after the 250.000-liter oil spill in the Atlantic, which took place on November 2018, due to a flawed flowline connector. The company would use the DOF’s Skandi Vinland vessel to replace the flawed flowline connector.

Denmark fines Total for chemicals discharge in the North Sea

Denmark has put a fine on French oil and gas major Total, of 500,000 Danish crowns ($75,145) for discharging chemicals in the North Sea, by a company it acquired in 2017, according to the Danish broadcaster DR. The former oil unit of Maersk, Maersk Oil, was reported to the police by the Danish environmental protection agency, back in 2017.

Oil spill reported in Port Elizabeth

The South African Maritime Safety Authority informed than an investigation is underway to establish the cause of the oil spillage incident during a bunkering service off the port of Ngqhura near Port Elizabeth on July 6 morning. It was reported that up to 200-400 litters of fuel well spilled into the ocean.

USCG responds to three tugboats sinking on Illinois River

The Coast Guard reported that three vessels sunk on the Illinois River near Hardin, Illinois, Sunday, July 7. According to the coastguard’s statement, the sinking boats were holding about 4,850 gallons of diesel and oil.

Solomon Islands bay see another fatal spill

According to Guardian, a second major oil spill occurred in the Solomon Islands bay turning the sea water red; The affected area is the same where Solomon Trader ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February, causing an environmental disaster. 

Alaska’s Governor stops funding for cruise ships inspectors

Alaska’s Gov. Mike Dunleavy eliminated funding for on board cruise ship inspectors. The Ocean Rangers program was established by a ballot initiative and is paid by cruise ship passengers. As the Governor said, there are other mechanisms to ensure environmental conservation.

Ten measures to regulate a proportion of container traffic

Surfrider Foundation Europe published a report discussing container loss and its impact in the marine environment. In the meantime, the Association recommends ten measures to regulate a proportion of container traffic, thereby cutting the number of annual container losses.

Watch: Ocean Cleanup to test new system’s speed

Over the coming weeks, the Ocean Cleanup will perform several tests to slow down or speed up the system. At the initial stage, the team will start the first test to attempt slowing down the system. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.

Ocean Clean up begins operations in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Following the announcement made on June 24, that the Ocean Cleanup is ready to re-begin operations, it is ready to operate in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this summer. The latest version of this design, dubbed System 001/B, has arrived in the patch after eight days of transit.


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