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Oil leak reported at Petrobras FPSO in Espadarte field

Brazilian state-owned oil company Petrobras confirmed occurrence of an oil leak on 2 January in one of the tanks of the FPSO ‘Cidade de Rio de Janeiro’, chartered by the company and operated by Modec do Brasil in the Espadarte field in the Campos Basin, approximately 130 km from the Macaé coastline, on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Oil spill from Maersk container ship during bunkering

An oil spill has occurred from the container ship Maersk Gateshead on January 6, in Hong Kong, at Kwai Tsing Container Terminal, where the ship was docked. Clean up operations have started but the exact amount of the oil spill is not known. Because of the leakage, bunkering operations were stopped to prevent further spill.

MSC to pay the full cost for MSC Zoe clean up

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announced that it will pay the full costs of the clean-up of the 2 January MSC Zoe container spill. The company will continue searching the sea for the containers which fell overboard, ‘until the last one is found’. 

Arctic’s oil spill response system to pass testing

Arctic FoxTail, a new oil spill response device, capable of cleaning up spills in the Arctic passed the testing as stated by H Henrisken’s press release. The device is a winterised version of the company’s Foxtail mop skimmer and contributes to Norway’s preparedness when it comes to oil spills. 

End section fracture leads Ocean Clean up to return to port

On Saturday, December 29th, during an inspection of the cleanup system, Ocean Cleanup’s offshore crew discovered that an 18-meter end-section had detached from the rest of the system. Probably a material fatigue combined with a local stress concentration, caused a fracture in the HDPE floater.

Turkey: New pollution fine tariffs from 2019

As of 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020, new pollution fine tariffs are entering into effect in Turkey, according to data provided by Kuzei P&I Correspondents. In case of repetition of the pollution offence by the same ship within 3 years, at the first repetition, the fine amount is increased by one time more, and, at the second, the fine is calculated and imposed twice as much.

Kenya focuses on oil spill training

The Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) has embarked on training shippers and other maritime members on how to handle oils spills and other cases of pollution in the sea. The training also aimed at teaching on effective action to limit the damage that may result from oil pollution in the Lamu Indian Ocean and other places along the Coast region.

Court upholds $1.8 billion compensation from Prestige oil spill

Spain’s Supreme Court decided that the captain and the insurer of the Prestige oil tanker must pay over 1.5 billion euros in compensation for Spain’s biggest environmental disaster and one of Europe’s worst oil spills. The Prestige oil tanker had sank in 2002.

EU Council approves agreement on port reception facilities

Following announcement that the European Parliament and Council have reached a political agreement on the new measures to reduce marine litter, the Council also endorsed a reform which is expected to ensure the provision of adequate waste reception facilities in ports and clarify the rules to make sure member states interpret them in a more uniform manner.


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