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Magnesium producers partner on new solution for scrubbers

Nedmag and TIMAB Magnesium, both magnesium producers, collaborated launching a strategic partnership for growth and commercialization of magnesium hydroxide in marine gas scrubber systems. As IMO 2020 sulphur cap approaches, both of the companies developed a magnesium hydroxide product called MH53S MARE to offer vessel owners, operators and their crews the alkali source for their scrubber operations.

Oil spill reported after vessel sinks in Mississippi river

An oil sheen was reported after the towing vessel ‘St. Rita’ sank on the Mississippi River near Laplace, Louisiana, Thursday. The US Coast Guard and good Samaritans responded to the sinking. The St. Rita is estimated to have approximately 13,000 gallons of diesel onboard.

IMO discusses of new ways to tackle marine litter

The side-event ‘Sea-Based Sources of Marine Litter’, in the margin of the UN Environment Assembly, was conducted in Nairobi Kenya – 11 to 15 March- in light of acknowledging the threat plastic debris poses in seas and the ways to get rid of it. 

Resolve Marine to oversee ‘Solomon Trader’ salvage

Korea Protection and Indemnity Club (KP&I) appointed the American salvage company Resolve Marine to oversee the ‘Solomon Trader’ response in the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific ocean. The Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’ was loading bauxite when it ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay. 

IMO: Need for more studies on coatings as new source of microplastics

IMO issued a report to assess current knowledge and data regarding marine coatings as microplastics sources, identifying very little practical research or knowledge on the topic. The IMO review came after a report by IUCN which showed that hull scrapings, marine coatings and anti-fouling systems are potential sources of microplastics in the oceans.

Solomon Trader crew not absent or intoxicated, owner says

Reports claiming that the crewmembers of the Solomon Trader were absent from the ship during the grounding or intoxicated celebrating Chinese are not true, the owner of the ship notes. The MV Solomon Trader was loading bauxite when due to rough seas, it ran aground at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February. Now, there is a high risk that the rest of HFO on the vessel, which is estimated to be more than 600 tonnes, will be released into the surrounding area.

Tanker spills oil in Port aux Basques Harbour

On Sunday, March 3, the North Atlantic Kairos, an oil supply tanker, experienced an oil spill in Port aux Basques Harbour. As Marine Atlantic informed, officials have contained the oil spill, while a boom has also been deployed. North Atlantic is investigating the cause of the spill, which is not expected to impact Marine Atlantic’s crossings when weather conditions improve and operations resume.

Bill C-64 in protection of Canada’s marine environment launched

The Government of Canada via its ‘Ocean Protection Plan’ is acting to prevent its eco-marine environment from being affected as wrecked, abandoned, and hazardous vessels, including small boats, pose environmental, economic, and safety hazards, and are a concern for coastal and inland water communities across Canada via yesterday’s passage of Bill C-64: the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act.

Australia: 600 tonnes of oil could spill from Solomon Trader

After contacting aerial assessments on the Solomon Trader, AMSA confirmed that the oil spill has started to disperse across the surrounding sea and shoreline. The oil expands five to six kilometres across the shore and is moving towards the East Rennell world heritage site. It also added that there is a high risk that the rest of HFO on the vessel, which is estimated to be more than 600 tonnes, will be released into the surrounding area.

ICS voices its concerns on the new Canadian Legislation

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), that represents the world’s national shipowners’ associations and 80% of the world merchant fleet, addressed its concerns about the Canadian proposed legislation which it says will interfere with international maritime trade.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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