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Pacific Basin to install scrubbers in majority of fleet

Pacific Basin, Hong-Kong based dry bulk shipping company, published its 2019 interim results, and revealed its plans to fit scrubbers on a majority of its Supramaxes by the end of 2019. During H1 2019, the company managed to expand its fleet with four secondhand vessels, and also conducted a sale of an older, small Handysize. 

World’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel delivered

Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein Verft announced delivery of the world’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel, ‘Color Hybrid’, to Oslo-based company Color Line, on 1st August. The ship represents an important milestone for its innovative and new environmentally friendly solutions.

Heligoland passenger vessel converts to electric

The municipality of Heligoland in North Germany announced the first conversion of a traditional boarding boat to electric propulsion in a bid to respond to the environmental requirements of the future. Today there are only 11 börteboote still in service.

Pacific leaders call for more action on climate crisis

Nine Pacific islands threatened by the adverse effects of climate change expressed their concern about the lack of ambition shown by developed nations on climate crisis and signed the Nadi Bay Declaration, urging for immediate action on GHG emissions, including shipping. 

Scorpio Tankers secures $87 million scrubber finance

Scorpio Tankers has secured loans to partially finance the purchase and installation of scrubbers on certain of its vessels. This comes after the company announced that they will have retrofitted 62 of its vessels with scrubbers by the end of 2019.

New EU Commission President eyes shipping inclusion in EU ETS

The appointment of Ursula von der Leyen as the new European Commission President has made headlines this week, as she won with a strong call for environmental action that could transform Europe over the next five years. The new climate policy foresees inclusion of the maritime sector in the EU ETS, following years of contradictory negotiations.

Are IMO and EU on the same page with emissions cuts?

The European Commission elected a new President. Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the European Commission who won MEPs’ votes, has recently presented her ambitious vision for a greener Europe. Namely, Mrs. Von der Leyen urged for immediate climate and environmental action that could transform Europe over the next five years. However, some of her goals contravene those of the shipping industry’s as set by the IMO.

How EU plans for carbon neutrality by 2050 differentiate from IMO’s target

The shipping industry has long been under discussions on finding low carbon solutions for a more sustainable future while IMO’s decision on reducing GHG emissions from ships by 50%, compared to 2008 levels, by 2050. However, the EU seems to have different future plans, as the newly elected European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050.


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