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Ocean currents change may cool Western Europe, NASA says

According to a study issued by NASA, due the increase of the sea ice melt, a major ocean current in the Arctic is faster and more turbulent. Specifically, the current is part of a delicate Arctic area, which is now flooded with fresh water, following the impacts of the climate change.

Russia approves Kamchatka LNG establishment

According to the Russian institution, Glavgosexpertiza recently gave its approval for the establishment of an LNG transshipment terminal, proposed by the natural gas producer, Novatek. Specifically, the terminal will be located in the Kamchatka, Bechevinskaya Bay and will begin its construction operations during 2020.

Watch: Underwater robot provides first look under Thwaites Glacier

An international team including scientists from Georgia Tech captured new images and first-of-its-kind data from deep beneath an Antarctic glacier. This aims to help scientists better understand the impact of one of Antarctica’s fastest changing regions and its impact on future sea level rise.

Norway to limit Arctic oil drilling

Reuters reports that Norway may restrict oil firms’ access to offshore resources in the Arctic by moving the so-called ice edge, a line that sets a legal limit on the extent to which companies can go north in search of oil.

Climate change challenges for the Arctic

Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, discussed the challenges climate change poses to the transatlantic alliance in the Arctic during the “NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance” in London.

IMO urged to act after findings on VLSFO black carbon emissions

The Clean Arctic Alliance has called the IMO to support an immediate switch to distillate fuels for ships in the Arctic and develop a global rule prohibiting fuels with high Black Carbon emissions, after a study revealing that some of the new VLSFOs will actually lead to a surge in the emissions of Black Carbon. 

Greenpeace loses the battle against Arctic oil drilling

After the environmental groups Greenpeace and Nature and Youth taken legal action against the Norwegian government in an attempt to stop oil drilling in Norway’s Arctic waters back in 2018, an Oslo appeals court recently approved Norway’s plans for more oil exploration in the Arctic.

USCG cutter Polar Star arrives in Antarctica

The 159 crew members of the US Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star arrived on 22 January at McMurdo Station, following a 58-day transit from the US, marking its 23rd journey to Antarctica in support of Operation Deep Freeze. The cutter departed its homeport of Seattle on November 26.

New collaboration to boost Arctic connectivity

The global communications company OneWeb announced a new distributor partnership expected to enable delivery of its high speed communications services across Alaska. The deal, inked with Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI), a company founded by Microcom.


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