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Port of Cape Town congratulates its first female marine pilot with open licence

Sanette Robinson became the first female marine pilot to receive an open licence at the Port of Cape Town. Robinson began her career in 1995 in the South African Navy, serving as a combat officer. Ms. Robinson is trained and certified to guide anything from the very smallest vessels to tankers, as well as container ships into port.

Women in leadership roles boost company performance, says new report

Businesses with genuine gender diversity, particularly at senior level, perform better and see significant profit increases, according to a new ILO report. The report says that gender diversity effects beneficially when women hold 30% of leadership positions, although almost 60% of enterprises do not meet this target.

Interview Pool brings balance in the maritime recruitment process

The Maritime UK Women’s in Maritime Taskforce highlights the alarming issue of gender equality in the shipping industry. Crew recruitment is sometimes difficult when panels don’t understand the benefits diversity provides in the initial recruitment process.

Men and women to cooperate to maintain security

In light of women in shipping and diversity, World Pulse shares stories from women and their experiences; Seka, a member of World Pulse, provided her own thoughts on traditional gender roles when it comes to the important task of building peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More opportunities will arise for African women in the maritime sector

According to the Ghana Shipper’s Authority, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana highlighted that more opportunities should arise for women participating in the maritime sector, mostly in Africa, to take advantage of the potentials of the continent’s blue economy.

WMU: Key actions to achieve gender balance in maritime

Implementing gender-responsive policies and promoting role models for women in the maritime were some of the key conclusions reached during the Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Conference at World Maritime University (WMU), in Malmö, Sweden.

BIMCO announces its first woman president

BIMCO announced that it elected Şadan Kaptanoğlu, managing director of HI Kaptanoglu Shipping, as its new President on May 14, at its General Meeting in Athens. Mrs Kaptanoğlu takes over after a two-year period as President Designate and will be the first female President of BIMCO.

Career Paths: Helle Hammer, Cefor

In our special column this time, we are excited to host an interview with Mrs Helle Hammer, Managing Director, Cefor – The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers, who admits that working with the  Nordic marine insurance market is a startling moment at her career.

Career women to balance work with family, overcoming their fears

Hadiza Bala Usman, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), advised her female employees to balance work with the family life, saying that a woman needs to know when to draw a line and learn to devote time with the family, without office activities affecting her.

Stena Line increases female leaders in 2018

Swedish ferry operator Stena Line improved its gender diversity in the past year, with a reported increase of female leaders from 16 % to 19 %, the company said in its annual sustainability review released this week. Gender equality and inclusion was introduced as a new focus area in 2018.


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