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IMO launches photo search for women in maritime

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, IMO’s gender programme announced launch of a photo search to build its bank of images of women in maritime. The move came as IMO believes the media have a great potential to promote gender equality.

World’s first all-female cruise ship, sets sail

In light of the International Women’s Day, Celebrity Cruises informed that for the first time in the history of shipping, an all-female bridge and hotel officer team cruise ship set sail. In fact, the cruise vessel “Celebrity Edge” started its seven-day journey on 8 March 2020, with 27 women from 16 different countries onboard.

Infographic: Myths around the gender pay gap

Gender pay gap is a significant part of gender discrimination across all business sectors and maritime included. Recent ILOSTAT data showed that the median gender wage gap for 115 countries with available data is 14% in favor of men. In shipping, the latest survey by HR Consulting from Spinnaker Global showed men earn almost 44% more than women.

Nautilus: Availability for women sanitary products onboard is crucial

During a TUC Women’s Conference in London, the topic of discussion focused on women’s menstrual products and the obstacles women in shipping face during menstrual days when onboard. The discussions around menstrual products are on the spotlight the past couple years, with many supporting the decrease of VAT on sanitary products. 

Career Paths: Jeannie Ivanov, Lloyd’s Register

In our special column, we are pleased to host an interview with Ms. Jeannie Ivanov, Marketing Director Marine and Offshore, Lloyd’s Register, who defines as successful anyone who achieves his goals without compromising his/her principles, wellbeing and personal/ professional relationships and invests in effective communication and collaboration. Also, Ms. Ivanov notes that ”ambition is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you preserve your integrity” and advises us to be authentic.

WMU promotes gender equality in shipping industry

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of the World Maritime University (WMU) spoke during the European Shipping Week (ESW) with a keynote address on Gender diversity: Better for People, Better for the Profession, Better for the Industry.