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10 insights that the world is not on the same track with climate change fight

Despite the global efforts on tackling the climate change and looking for innovative ways to head towards a sustainable future, a newly-launched report “10 new insights in climate science 2019” highlights that the world is not on the same track, the actions that have been taken are not as fruitful as they should have been and the global leaders are not yet committing to the necessary emissions cuts.

Climate change heavily impacts ocean economy

Climate change is decreasing the productivity of marine fisheries on a global scale, with some regions experiencing large gains in productivity and others experiencing large losses; Thus, the reports states that climate change will serious impact ocean and coral reef tourism. 

Marine life at risk because of ocean oxygen loss

An increasing phenomenon threatening the fish species and disrupting ecosystems in analysed in the newly launched “Ocean deoxygenation: Everyone’s problem” report, highlighting the dangers caused by the deoxygenation in the marine environment.

Seychelles on track to tackle climate change

BBC reports from Seychelles, where a fisherman’s project funded by a pioneering marine conservation plan aims to to protect the oceans; the country’s main income resource, while balancing the demands of people’s livelihoods and what’s better for the environment.

Electric boat to handle inland waterways’ and harbours’ pollution

The Waste Cleaner 66, reported to be the world’s most powerful all-electric boat designed for cleaning up pollution in inland waterways and harbors, includes technology that enables it to collect up to 700 kg (1543 lb) of solid waste and 1,000L (263 gal) of liquid waste, including hydrocarbons.

US $106M fund to keep plastic off Asia’s Ocean

The investment management firm, Circulate Capital, recently announced the first close of the US$106 million Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF), world’s first investment fund dedicated to preventing ocean plastic in South and Southeast Asia and one of the ten largest ASEAN-based Venture Capital Funds in the market.

COP 25: Travel and tourism industry must transform amid climate change

During COP 25, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa addressed the urgency of change in favour of climate, highlighting that the travel and tourism sector has to transform, in line with today’s developments, based on its crucial economic and social benefits. 

HHLA to become climate neutral until 2040

The Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) announced its new goal, concerning the entire group to become climate-neutral, until 2040. HHLA is going to make every effort to protect the environment as it has already implemented a sustainability strategy under the ‘Balanced Logistics’ brand.

Report presents features defining marine protected areas

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) launched several guidelines defining which are the protected areas and categorised protected areas through six management types and four governance types, also analyzing which are the features of specific areas that can not be classified as MPAs.


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