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Top 10 issues concerning the future of shipping

2019 kicked off with the data collection on fuel oil consumption, alternative mechanisms to comply with the 2020 Sulphur cap, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the IMSBC Code 2017 amendment as well as amendments designating North Sea and Baltic Sea as ECAs. With many more regulations and developments still yet to come, nations from all across the globe, ship operators and crew are going through a key period because of ten major issues that will have significant impact over the next ten years in the shipping industry.

ICC Academy develops certificate for Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers

The ICC Academy in collaboration with the International Maritime Bureau, has established a specialised certificate for Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers Bills of Lading. The programme aims to increase standards and reliability of maritime trade for active NVOCCs and their trading partners.

Saudi and Canadian cuts result to higher heavy crude demand

Output cuts in oil-rich Alberta and Saudi Arabia result to leaving heavy-crude refiners from the Gulf of Mexico to Asia in a challenging position. The Saudis are expected to mostly focus on paring output of heavy crude as they lead efforts to rebalance the global market, according to Bloomberg. Although curtailments in Canada have driven local prices at a record in almost a decade, others as Arab Heavy and Heavy Louisiana Sweet are also gaining a powerful position. 

BIMCO: US-China tariffs affect 27.4m tonnes of US imports

The result of the ongoing trade talks between China and the US, seems doubtful that the levels of frontloading seen at the end of 2018 will continue into 2019, according to BIMCO. Were the negotiations to fail, it would increase the possibility of tariffs to be increased in March, affecting the container shipping industry.

World’s five largest cruise ships in 2019

The video, published by Muster Station, depicts the world’s five largest cruise ships to operate in 2019. Royal Caribbean’s ‘Symphony of the Seas’ is currently claiming the title of the world’s largest cruise ship, with a capacity of 6, 780 passengers and long as 3,9 Statues of Liberty. 

World Bank: 2019’s global economic growth to remain flat

According to the World Bank, the January 2019 edition ‘Darkening Skies’ focuses on the economic growth that has weakened, the trade tensions remain high, several developing economies have experienced financial stress, and risks to the outlook have increased. As the report stresses, emerging market and developing economies, EMDEs, face great challenges but are expected to remain flat in 2019.

9 cruise trends we will see in 2019

While cruise ships constitute less than 1% of the commercial vessels globally, the significance of cruise industry in tourism and global economy cannot be underestimated, with a notable total of 30 million ocean cruise passengers projected in 2019. In this regard and in view of the new year ahead, we attempted to predict key cruise trends that are awaited to shape the industry landscape in 2019 and beyond.

Are modern ships getting uglier?

Nautilus International has made its list of the top ten most aesthetically challenged vessels of recent time, noting that modern ships, either having futuristic concept designs or designs to maximize cargo-carrying capacity,  tend to getting ‘uglier’ in general.

Sea Shepherd: 6 animals caught in Gold Coast shark nets

On January 3, Sea Shepherd’s Apex Harmony crew saw six animals caught in Gold Coast Shark nets. The Sea Shepherd crew were monitoring the 11 shark nets and 35 drumlines off Gold Coast beaches when they noticed the Shark Control Program contractor replacing nets at Surfers Paradise beach.

India, Denmark sign agreement to strengthen maritime bonds

The Indian Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Memorandum of Understanding on Maritime issues between India and Denmark. The MoU will be signed during the upcoming visit of Denmark official to India in January, 2019.


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