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China’s imports on four crucial commodities show growth

China’s imports of crucial commodities are presenting a rapid development the last months, showing that Beijing’s efforts may lead to a fruitful outcome and its trade dispute with the US may not be as harmful as expected, according to Reuters’ Clyde Russell.

IMO adopts resolution to address fraudulent registries

During its 31st session on 25 November to 4 December 2019, the IMO Assembly adopted, among others, a resolution addressing fraudulent ship registration. The IMO recently put under the microscope over 300 ships involved in fraudulent vessel registrations. 

DNV GL signs strategic agreement with CSSC

DNV GL along with China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) came together and inked an agreement to develop future-proof solutions and competencies related to alternative fuels and environmentally friendly technologies and overall advantage a variety of fields in the shipping industry.  

Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea online platform launched

On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day celebrated on 10 December every year and in response to the emerging public international awareness on abuses at sea, British charity Human Rights at Sea launched its online platform on ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’.

Safebridge receives recognition for its services

Following years of hard work to revolutionize and digitalize the crew competence management in the maritime industry, Safebridge has its strong efforts recognized after being awarded three very prestigious awards at this year’s high caliber events around the globe.

Cruise delayed after passengers’ luggage stolen in hijacking

Many passengers on a recent cruise of the expedition cruise ship Roald Amundsen lost their luggage when the truck ferrying it from the airport to the ship was hijacked in Santiago, Chile, leading to a brief delay in the ship’s departure. Namely, the Roald Amundsen, the world’s first hybrid powered cruise ship, was preparing for a voyage to Antarctica in Punta Arenas, when the 200 bags and suitcases were stolen after a contractor-operated truck ferrying the passenger luggage was hijacked in Santiago, Chile.

Australia denies car carrier anchorage due to stink bugs

Australia prohibited the entrance of the cargo vessel “Orca Ace” in its waters, carrying over 3,500 cars and heavy machinery, feared of the potential biorisks that could follow as the ship was found with tiny but crucial brown marmorated stink bugs.

MSC welcomes the first guests of its private island

On 5 December, MSC officially launched its new private island called “Ocean Cay”, and welcomed its first guests, passengers of the cruise ship MSC Divina. The “Ocean Cay” is considered to be a tropical destination located in the Bahamas, offering privacy for each guest. 

Watch: India’s four steps to become a shipping force

India is moving towards a development, investing heavily in the expansion of its naval and air power across the Indian Ocean, based on its aspiration to enhance the maritime domain awareness and maritime security and New Delhi’s growing anxieties about Chinese inroads in its strategic backyard.

EU-Singapore trade agreement benefits port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg’s second strongest partner country for seaborne container handling is Singapore, following China as the first; Singapore trade with the port reached the 380,000 TEUs of containers transported between the two ports. 


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