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Iran, Bulgaria to widen cooperation in ports and maritime transport

Iran and Bulgaria have signed six Memoranda of Understanding to enhance cooperation in different fields, including ports and maritime transport, postal services, trade, meteorology, and standardization policies. Bulgaria also welcomed a continuation of the discussions on developing the Greece-Bulgaria-Black Sea-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Armenia-Iran transport corridor.

Bahri plans to expand in Asia-Pacific market

Bahri, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia announced its plans to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region market. The decision follows the company’s long term strategy to expand. The announcement was made at a ceremony that took place in Singapore in April.

NOAA: What is Seaspeak?

Seaspeak is the official language of the seas that helps to prevent any form of miscommunication. Since miscommunication can easily lead to serious and dangerous situation, seafarers use a specific language to prevent nay accidents from happening.

Iran – Oman to launch new shipping line

Iran’s Ambassador announced on Wednesday, April 17, that Iran and Oman are to launch a new shipping line between their ports in the Persian Gulf in a move to help boost economic interactions between the two countries.

Commodity-dependent countries must diversify exports, UN urges

Developing countries that depend on commodities must seek diversification strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of price volatility in international markets, explained speakers at UNCTAD’s meeting of experts on commodities and development, on 15 April at the UN’s European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Today 67% of developing countries depend on commodities, a situation that has changed little in the last two decades.

EU supports trade talks with the US

The European Council voted to begin talks concerning the Trans-Atlantic Investment Partnership (TTIP), revealing the possibility that the US and EU could sign a new trade deal. The vote took place on April 15, and was passed despite France opposing to the US’s position on climate change, and specifically President Trump’s decision to be excluded from the Paris Agreement.

US to impose new restrictions on Cuba travel

On April 17, the US government announced new measures regarding restrictions on Cuba travel. Except for new travel restrictions, the changes also include a decision to enable private lawsuits against foreign companies over the Cuban government’s expropriation of property in the 1950s. The list also includes the rising economic development zone at the Port of Mariel, which is considered a key area for foreign investment on Cuba.

Asia reveals its increasing demand on US soybeans container shipping

Based on an analysis conducted by the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA), Asian countries, being led by Indonesia are expressing an increased demand on shipping containers to transmit their US soybeans purchases. The soybean marketing year begins on September 1 and ends August 31.

Judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking in the US

A US Federal judge threatened that she might block Carnival Corporation from docking cruise ships at ports in the US as punishment for a possible probation violation. The cruise company has been on five years probation, from April 2017, as part of a $40m settlement for dumping oil into the ocean illegally from its Princess Cruises ships and subsequently lying about the scheme, according to court filings.


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