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Reputation management in a maritime crisis

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Conference, Mr. Dustin Eno, COO, Navigate Response, noted that the shipping industry is more visible now than at any time in history; from AIS vessel tracking, to seafarer social media activity, people can see the industry like never before. Information is now more available to outside watchers than before.

Fixed vs Growth mindset: It’s time to change the way you think

There are two types of mindsets we can cultivate: one that embraces each challenge as an opportunity to learn something new, and one that avoids them, often out of fear of failure. People that avoid conflicts can be described as having a fixed mindset while those who see problems as interesting challenges have a growth mindset.

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint

Millennials have begun filling leadership roles in workplaces but faced with some common challenges like situations that test their skills, mindset but also their patience and consistency. Many of them strive to deliver performance, while others just enjoy the director’s position and sadly destroy their team’s performance. But what separates the first from the latter? Certainly, the way they handle daily challenges at workplace!

Global Maritime Forum looks for youngsters to push forward the industry

The Global Maritime Forum announced its first Future Maritime Leaders essay competition. The competition seeks for youth perspectives on how current trends will shape the future of the maritime industry and the wider society. The authors of the three winning entries will be invited to represent the young generation at the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in Singapore on 30-31 October 2019.

How competition drives innovation and awakes opportunities

Harvard Business Review study reveals that “…rivalry could be an important lever for managers to pull to incentivize risk-taking. This could mean emphasizing longstanding corporate rivalries, or fostering (friendly) rivalries between employees, perhaps by creating incentive systems that provide for repeated competitions.”

Carnival Corporation earns perfect score in corporate equality index

For for the third year, US-based Human Rights Campaign Foundation has recognized Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest leisure travel company, with a perfect score in its 2019 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), which rates US companies on their treatment of LGBTQ consumers, investors and employees.

Playground from fishing nets located in port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam launched Blue City’s 2018 Plastic Design Challenge, supporting start-ups develop initiatives to realise the circular economy step by step. One of the teams innovated by building a playground from fishing nets.

Addressing the Passive Aggressive Behaviours in the workplace

We all have had a coworker who on the surface appears to be agreeable and supportive, but behind the scenes sabotages others. Sadly, this hidden anger which comes out indirectly and results in spoiling relationships, careers but also happiness is more common than we think in today’s workplaces, it is often characterized as the “cancer of organizations” and it has a name; Passive Aggressive Behaviour.

Manitou Group to transport machines on NEOLINE sailing vessels

As part of its CSR approach and in a bid to reduce its environmental impact, the Manitou group, a form specializing in rough-terrain handling, confirmed its support for the NEOLINE maritime project to transport its machines to the American market.

More than a half of maritime employees seeking a new job

More than a half of maritime employees are looking actively for a new job, says a new survey by Halcyon Recruitment and Coracle. The 10th annual Maritime Employee Survey surveyed individuals in global shipping markets, to provide a detailed view of financial and motivational issues from an employee perspective. 


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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