Ms. Paarmann expressed her happiness about this development, stating that she wants to 'encourage women to discover and embrace the many exciting and fulfilling career options in the cruise industry.'

The doors are open for them, because shipping companies have now realised what a great asset diversity is. Women belong on board!


An example of what women can achieve in the shipping  industry is Germany’s first female cruise ship captain, WISTA member Nicole Langosch, who took over the helm of AIDA Cruises ships in April 2018.

Currently, the proportion of female officers is 5.4%. Alongside Spain, Finland and Malta, Germany has one of the highest proportions of women in the industry.

Tino Hensel, Vice President Marine HR at Carnival Maritime, mentioned:

When it comes to the proportion of women in our industry, there is a lot of catching up to do and a very clear need for more information. Carnival Maritime is fully committed to encouraging women to join WISTA and explicitly supports the association’s activities and values. This way, we aim to make a positive contribution to ensuring that more women take on management roles in shipping.