The company's Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) Academy, based in Netherlands, teamed up with UWF's Innovation Institute to jointly develop and produce the new course, designed to foster a culture of environmental compliance.

The weeklong course consists of a virtual 23-day voyage aboard the MV Oceans Alive as the "ship" departs on a repositioning cruise from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Venice, Italy, followed by a 7-day voyage in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

This latest training development effort builds on previous work in partnership with the Florida-based UWF Innovation Institute.

In 2018, the UWF team collaborated with CSMART Academy to introduce challenge-based learning into the development of the Operational Excellence course.

The investment in these training courses is part of the company's commitment to sustainability, as outlined in its 2020 sustainability goals.

In 2017, Carnival announced it achieved its 25% carbon reduction goal three years ahead of schedule and made additional progress on that goal in 2018.