JOWA Technology automated fuel switching system 'can save fuel'

Carnival Corporation & plc has signed an agreement with JOWA Technology and JOWA W.F.E. for the purpose of supply and installation of equipment and related training on board Carnival Corporation & plc cruise ships.

This agreement follows a period of extensive testing on board the Princess Cruises' cruise ship Grand Princess. The tested Diesel Switch DS MKII includes a second display in the ECR, a compatibility test kit, homogenizer and a GPS connection with date/time stamp. The JOWA Water-in Fuel Emulsion unit was also tested. All testing was conducted in co-operation between specialists from Carnival and JOWA Technology engineers, with independent monitoring by Lloyd's Register.

Carnival selected JOWA Technology because of their experience and unique position in the market with the only proven, fully automated fuel changeover system. The Diesel Switch DS MKII is the only unit in the market that carries Class Society Type Approval, and has been acknowledged by the United States Coast Guard as capable of improving the safety of fuel changeover operations. JOWA also has an extensive reference list of successful installations outside the cruise industry.

Carnival representatives believe that the automated fuel switching system by JOWA Technology can save fuel by optimising fuel changeover time when transiting in or out of emission control areas, and that the system has proven to be reliable, consistently accurate, and to reduce the potential for crew error.

JOWA Technology has developed Diesel Switch DS MKII into one of the few fully automated systems in the market, which is built to ensure a consistent, safe, controlled and accurate fuel change-over from HFO to MDO and vice versa.

Source: Carnival Corporation & plc