Accordingly, the "Deniz S" was detained in Port Burgas (Bulgaria) on 3 August 2020 and left the port on 6 January 2021 but failed to call at repair yard in Tuzla, Turkey as agreed. The vessel proceeded and arrived at demolition area Aliaga in Turkey, without complying with the conditions determined by PSC Burgas, Bulgaria.

Therefore under the provisions of section 4 of the Paris MoU, Article 16 of EU Council Directive 2009/16/EC and the provision of Bulgarian national legislation – Article 24(7) of Ordiance 12, as amended on PSC issued by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology & Communication, the ship will be refused further access to any port and anchorage in the Paris MOU region, except a port and anchorage of the ship’s flag State.

Paris MoU notes that

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of Section 4.4 of the Paris MOU, Article 21.6 of EU Council Directive 2009/16/EC1, which allow access to a specific port and anchorage in the event of force majeure or overriding safety considerations, or to reduce or minimize the risk of pollution or to have deficiencies rectified, provided that adequate measures to the satisfaction of the competent authority of such State have been implemented by the company or the master of the ship to ensure safe entry.