Namely, the tugboat Niki Jo C drifted off course and ran aground outside the main channel of the Rappahannock River, on November 14, 2019.


The US Coast Guard, the  Virginia Marine Resource Commission, and the Richmond County Sheriff's Office carried out an investigation, during which they tested the crew's blood alcohol content to determine if alcohol was a causative factor.

The results indicated that the captain of the vessel was intoxicated at the time of the incident, with a BAC above the legal federal limit for operation of a commercial vessel of 0.04% as found in 33 CFR 95.020(b).

The suspension will be for 12 months, followed by a six month probation period, provided that the mariner satisfactorily completes all conditions of his settlement agreement. If he fails to complete or satisfy the conditions of his settlement agreement, then the credential will be permanently revoked.