Specifically, the new procedure can be applied online and among others, goals to boost foreign seafarers transfers in Canadian ports.

According to Transport Canada, following the online application, seafarers must send an email to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) explaining that they are crew members and requesting to be exempted from COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Due to the restrictions on travel to Canada by foreign nationals, only applicants who meet one of the exemption criteria and who are travelling for a non-discretionary/non-optional purpose will be processed; this includes both new applications and those whose applications are currently pending.

....as Canada informed.

Seafarers will further receive a notification (either via their IRCC Secure Account or email) confirming that their temporary resident visas application is approved, refused, or requesting more information in order that IRCC can make a decision.

What is more, the region will not be requiring crew members to be under a 14-day quarantine.