Nulogy’s project focuses on applying artificial intelligence to the late-stage customization phase of the consumer goods supply chain, where products are adapted to address the specialized requirements of diverse channels, retail or promotional formats.


Under this initiative, Nulogy will be cooperating with Mars Canada and certain Canadian suppliers to leverage the power of AI and Nulogy's Agile Customization Platform to digitalize the consumer goods leader's external supply chain operations.

Through this initiative, we expect to dramatically improve collaboration and reduce waste, with our external manufacturing and packaging suppliers. As the retail and consumer landscape continues to be disrupted, agility is more important than ever for manufacturers like Mars

said Jon Willis, Head of Supply Chain, Mars Canada.

In addition, Julien Billot, CEO,, explained that through this program, Canada indicates its committed to foster industry collaborations that will further strengthen Canada's position on AI and digitalization of global supply chains.