The Pilotage Act Review was launched on 31 May 2017, under the Oceans Protection Plan, seeking to modernize the Pilotage Act while keeping the elements that support Canada’s pilotage safety record. The Review was concluded on 30 April 2018, after extensive engagement across the country, Transport Canada informed.

The Review’s findings will inform the Government’s decision-making regarding the future of pilotage in Canada. Canada’s Pilotage Authorities conduct more than 50,000 pilotage assignments each year, with a 99.9% safety record. The report concluded:

While it is largely agreed upon that the pilotage system in Canada works well, it is time for the legislation to be updated to reflect the realities of today and the possibilities and innovations of the future.

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport will also engage with key stakeholders and Indigenous peoples on the findings of the Review’s final report.

Under the $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan launched in late 2016, the government attempts to create a world-leading marine safety system that provides economic opportunities for Canadians today, while protecting the marine environment for the coming generations.

Under the plan, Canada has implemented several measures in recent months, including the proposed Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act, the 'Proactive Vessel Management' initiative aiming to address local marine traffic issues, the plan for bulk oil removal from the wreck of the Manolis L., the assessing of environmental effects of shipping, and others.

Further details may be found in the following report: