Transport Canada has noticed several occasions where the maximum height of the timber deck cargoes allowed on deck was questioned because of different interpretations.




To avoid this in the future, all parties should consider the following:

  • The height of cargo is measured from the base of the timber deck cargoes stow to the highest part of the cargo. For example, in case of a crowned top surface, the height must be measured to the top of the crown. The average height of the timber deck cargoes must not be used;
  • The maximum height of the timber deck cargoes above the ship’s weather deck must be as specified in the ship’s approved Cargo Securing Manual. On a vessel within a seasonal winter zone in winter, it must not be over one third of the extreme breadth of the ship.

These interpretations are based on the requirements of Part 1, Divisions 1 and 4 of the Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations; the Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, 1991 and 2011; and the International Convention on Load Lines, 1966.