For the time being, an Australian Navy task group departed on New Year’s Day to support multi-agency efforts to provide assistance to communities affected by bushfires on the Australian east coast.

Specifically, Canada's Davie Shipyard and aerospace company Bombadier explained the idea of 14 water bombing planes deployed from a vessel that could transmit the planes between the two countries when needed, in case of fire.


Also, the plan includes thousand litres of water and refill by skimming over a body of water. Transporting them by sea rather than flying them between countries would reduce risk and maintenance costs.

It is reported that the proposal was initially on the table by 2016, with both nations sharing the costs to improve the local firefighting assets.

Creg Mullins, ex-NSW fire commissioner quoted to the Australian ABC that the prime minister should be on the phone with Justin Trudeau from Canada, urging the latter to assist by sending Canada's water-scooping, purpose-built water bombers that are in mothballs during your winter.