Tatjana Pletena started her career with Bergesen in 2001 as a deck cadet from the Latvian Maritime Academy. After graduating, she returned to Bergesen as Fourth Mate and then became Captain at BW GDF Suez Everett.

One of Ms. Pletena's first experiences was with gas transportation on board LPG vessels, and recently on LNG vessels. She was also part of the Marine department in Oslo on secondment as a Marine Superintendent.

Ms. Pletena also noted the she experienced challenges from the first day, but she does not regret her decision to follow this sector, as these challenged made her stronger.

When questioned about what it takes for someone to become Captain, she responded that many years of sea experience, many hours of training and courses, as well as good evaluation reports are important to be promoted. However, hard work and a good reputation are just as important.