Using technology, BSEE’s inspectors will have more time to inspect operations offshore, ensuring safety at more than 2,200 facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. It will also reduce helicopter operating expenses by 15%, without affecting safety and environmental protections.

Director Scott A. Angelle stated:

This approach greatly improves our inspectors’ efficiency, increasing safety oversight at OCS facilities. Our team developed a smarter, safer strategy that provides more physical inspection time offshore and reduces government costs. This makes sense for the American taxpayer and increases our ability to ensure safe operations offshore.

Oil production from the Outer Continental Shelf accounts for one of every six barrels produced in the US. With 98% of all OCS energy produced from the Gulf of Mexico, efficiency, safe and environmentally friendly oil and gas operations are vital.

Recently, after several safety incidents involving cranes and lifting appliances, the US Coast Guard cooperated with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement in a joint inspections campaign focusing on crane material condition, operations, maintenance and safety management.