According to Brazil, the situation remains stable, as monitoring by vessels and overflight of aircraft showed no leaks. However, as a preventive measure, the containment barriers are still on the sea.

What is more, the hydroceanographic ship 'Garnier Sampaio' arrived at the area to reinforce the support for the oil prevention actions, along with the other means employed.

Moreover, dive teams will start inspection work on the ship so that damage to the hull and flooded compartments is identified.

More specifically, teams are sealing a group of gas tank sighs fuel, as well as the reinforcement in the closing locks of the cargo holds of the NM Stellar Banner.

The bodies and companies involved remain in close coordination with the Authority In order to resolve the event as soon as possible, in compliance with rules and regulations safety procedures, prioritizing the mitigation of risks to pollution and navigation

the Brazilian Navy informed.

The VLOC, loaded with iron ore, experienced trouble off the coast of Brazil, on February 25, raising fears that the vessel could sink. After the incident, all 20 crew members have been evacuated from the ship as a precaution.

Sources report that the ship may have hit an unidentified shallow sea bed, which caused the vessel to take on water, however the cause of the incident is under investigation. Due to the incident, some ballast water tanks and void space suffered damage.