Brazil’s Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque presented at the UN's climate summit underway in Madrid, where all the UN leaders focused on the climate changes which are getting worse every day.

Despite the leader's wake-up calls to countries in order to aware them to cut emissions, Mr. Bento Albuquerque said that Brazil “could not release its grip on hydrocarbons,” noting that oil will continue play a major role in the energy source field for the following years.


According to Reuters, the Minister highlighted that the country can do that, while still meeting its goal to cut emissions under the Paris Agreement, as Brazil has space to increase its target and will continue explore its lands with a high sense of responsibility.

Because of its diversity of energy sources, Brazil will surpass its targets with a certain tranquility and will continue to explore its riches responsibly and sustainably.

...the Minister continued.

Concluding, in the previous month one the country's most ambitious plan known as the largest oil deposits auction of Brazil fallen flat, as it has also faced tensions concerning oil exploitation, since Brazilian environmental protection agency, Ibama, proposed that the auction of oil exploration blocs near Abrolhos national park shouldn't commence.