Specifically, UK government considers that this action will help ports recover as the UK economy starts to reawaken.

In light of the situation, Sara Walsh, Corporate Services Manager at the British Ports Association commented:

The announcement regarding furloughing is good news for UK ports. This has been by far the most useful Coronavirus support mechanism for ports, and unlike other measures such as those for commercial tenants which has left many ports out of pocket, it has not led to knock-on effects elsewhere.

What is more, BPA informed that supports the updated guidelines issued by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in England which goals to enhance business work safely during the outbreak.

Amid this unprecedented crisis, BPA is working closely with the Department for Transport and other government agencies so as to face the difficulties of the pandemic.

The maritime sector is no like no other and has worked together during this unprecedented time to overcome the challenges faced as best it can whilst still ensuring food, medicines, energy, fuel and other products continue to flow into the country. We welcome the government’s updated guidance issued this week and have begun developing similar high level guidance for port operations so workers can continue social distancing where possible and return to work safely.

...BPA concluded.