Following the coronavirus crisis, BPA noted that needs a green maritime fund in order to support innovative schemes in UK ports or future announcements such as the autumn budget and national infrastructure strategy.

In light of the above, Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive, at the British Ports Association said:

"Today’s statement is welcome news and we support the focus on jobs as a priority for Government. The Chancellor must now turn his attention to scaling up ambition in green investment and further infrastructure capacity. Our sector recovery plan highlights the need to build back better with a green maritime fund, targeted support, and infrastructure upgrades that will support both physical, digital and energy connectivity".

What is more, BPA urged the UK government to pay attention at the remaining priorities that have set out when planning the next stage of intervention and tend its focus on coastal regions of which ports are a key component.

We would like to have a government minister in all parts of the UK, specifically given responsibility for coastal development as well as the establishment of a coastal communities taskforce to examine regional growth opportunities. Ports are important economic clusters and with strategic support, they can stimulate investment and jobs to benefit their regions and the country.

...Richard Ballantyne concluded.