The figures show that collectively the industry employs 101,000 people, handles almost 500m tonnes of freight and contributes £7.5bn to the economy.

British Ports Association’s Chief Executive, Richard Ballantyne said: “This is a video designed to promote the UK ports industry to a wider audience outside our sector. It is in an easy to watch format enabling viewers to digest information which would normally be delivered in a detailed statistical report. We are regularly told by Ministers to ‘shout louder’ about the ports sector to ensure that when policy decisions are made, the industry’s voice is heard. In recent years Government transport spending has been allocated toward big ticket passenger schemes, away from freight and port connectivity projects and at the same time there has been a steady introduction of planning and consenting conditions and restrictions on port activity and development. There is general feeling amongst ports that their role and contribution is not always valued as much as it should be.”

The BPA recently outlined its priorities for 2018, ahead of a Brexit trade deal set to be agreed. The BPA said it ''will continue to push for areas around ports to be classified with a special planning and consenting status and for increased public investment in port connectivity schemes to help stimulate port development and growth.''