Specifically, it was reported that the production on the platform was halted and BP was working to resume operations.

Following the incident, BP issued a statement commenting that

Following an issue with the power generation system on the ETAP platform, BP can confirm that - as a precautionary measure - we have removed non-essential personnel. Of the 134 people on board, 63 were flown to Aberdeen on Tuesday evening. The safety and wellbeing of our teams offshore is of the utmost priority.

As safety is a top priority in the offshore sector, OCIMF published an updated edition of its Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) programme, in a bid to align with current legislation, expectations and emerging risks.

Concerning personnel's safety onbaord offshore platforms, in late December 2019 a worker onboard the Terra Nova FPSO, off the east coast of Canada was injured after falling from a ladder while conducting gas testing, as the operating company had informed in an official statement.