IMO MEPC to include Ro-Ro ships in the EEDI

IMO Marine Environment Protection Committe includes Ro-Ro ships in the EEDI.IMO is approving amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, Chapter 4 on theinclusion of mandatory EEDI requirements for new Ro/Ro Cargo and Passenger ships.

These types of ships were omitted at the original adoption of the the EEDI regulations as major technical issues were outstanding on the method of calculation of the EEDI for such types of ships. These technical issues appears to have been tackled by introduction of some correction factors that relates to the physical design parameters of the ships.

The MEPC decided further to a change in the method of calculating the Attained EEDI for General Cargo Ships. This class of ships were subjected to the mandatory requirements already in the first tranche but due ran into unforseen issues for especially the smaller ships in the segment with regard to limitations in permissable installed power.

Introduction of a correction factor that takes into account that many of the ships in this segment are built with unfavorable design aspects have been introduced into the IMO EEDI calculation guideline.

BIMCO EEDI Calculator now updated

Consistent with our aim to provide our members with access to up to date imformation, the widely used BIMCO EEDI Calculator has been updated over night to reflect the decisions of IMO.

We encourage all interested to make use of the calculator to estimate the impact of EEDI in general and specifically the newly introduced Ro/Ro segment and changed methed of calculation for the General Cargo Ship segment.

Specifically, it has been included in the result plot for the General Cargo Ship type both the new corrected Attained EEDI values as well as the original uncorrected EEDI values.

Source: BIMCO