The deployment of Tornio’s new LNG terminal will ensure shipments to Northern Finland and Sweden. The terminal is the result of several companies collaborating for numerous years through Manga LNG, a Joint Venture consisting of Outokumpu and SSAB steel companies, EPV Energy and the energy company Gasum. Wärtsilä was chosen as the main contractor.

With the use of LNG, we reduce the local pollutant emissions of maritime and heavy-duty traffic, while keeping the industry of Northern Finland competitive by offering energy that has low emissions and is affordable to the needs of different operators

explained Kimmo Rahkamo, Vice President, Natural gas and LNG, Gasum.


The Tornio terminal is equipped with bunkering stations for LNG vessels, regasification equipment for LNG, as well as a storage unit that is 50,000 m3 in volume.

Now, as the number of ships that use LNG as a fuel in maritime traffic is growing, Gasum believes that the new terminal will attract even more operators to use this fuel.

Namely, Mr. Rahkamo noted that building distribution infrastructure will make it easier for new operators to start using LNG. He added that in the future, the same gas infrastructure can be used to shift to the use of liquefied biogas.