The new cranes will be part of the second phase of the semi-automated terminal’s expansion, which started 2014. As a result of the expansion, the number of automated container storage blocks in the terminal has increased to 27.


BEST, which is considered on of the most advanced port projects in Spain, has already received six new machines to enhance its operations efficiency. With this technology BEST achieved a ship productivity rate of more than 200 movements per hour and an average performance of more than 40 movements per hour and by crane.

The new equipment also aims to make the port greener. Diesel-electric engines on shuttle carriers improve the energy efficiency of the terminal, while other electric equipment, such as quay cranes, storage area cranes and railway terminal cranes, play their role into making BEST more environmentally sustainable.

BEST has in total 11 Super Post-Panamax quay cranes, 48 ASCs, 2 rail terminal cranes (RMGs) and 30 Shuttle Carriers.