This record of offshore wind power production relates to a higher installed capacity and record wind conditions last month.

Namely, the installed capacity has increased this month by 60 MW, from 1556 to 1616 MW, mainly due to the commissioning of the first wind turbines of Northwester 2.

Compared to February 2019, installed capacity increased by 430 MW, or 36.5% (370 MW for Norther and 60 MW for Northwester 2).

Meanwhile, February was a record month in terms of wind conditions:

  • The average capacity factor in February 2020 was 74%.
  • The previous record was 70% in December 2015.
  • Over the last 5 years, the average capacity factor for February was 53%.

With a capacity factor of 53%, Belgium can expect a production of 570 GWh.

As such, production in February was approximately 40% higher this year than expected according to the five-year average.