FAQ focus on alternate management systems (AMS) and type approval of BWMS

The USCG has recently posted on its website Updated Frequently Asked Questions on Ballast Water Management Systems. These FAQs focus on Alternate Management Systems (AMS) and type approval of BWMS

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Volume II

What is the process flow of an AMS application?

The process for review of an AMS application is as follows:

1. An application is submitted to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center (MSC) in accordance with 33 CFR 151.2026.

2. Upon receipt of the application the MSC
a. Assigns the application a project number and enters the project into the MSC tracking system,
b. Sends an e-mail to the applicant confirming receipt, and
c. Delivers one application to the Coast Guard Environmental Standards Division (OES-3).

3. MSC and OES-3 review applications, evaluating for both engineering aspects and biological efficacy, including

a. Completeness of AMS application; specifically, all requirements under 33 CFR 151.2026 are present and understandable.
b. Potential issues that might arise during a review for type approval, to help:

i. Manufacturers understand issues related to their specific system, and
ii. Coast Guard understands current general state of ballast water management system (BWMS) conformity to Coast Guard engineering requirements.

4. Coast Guard engineering and biological reviews proceed independently

a. Offices interact with applicants separately regarding questions about submitted information, as necessary.

b. If review by one office is slowed, the other office continues.

c. In practice, several reviews may be underway at once, with some on hold pending response to questions.

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Source: USCG