Zoe Upson

Zoe Upson

Zoe Upson has 11 years’ experience as a shipping industry professional. Having been a broker and desk head at Freight Investor Services, she combines a busy family life with running Freight and Commodity Talent Ltd (FACT). Zoe is also the founder of WOMEN TOGETHER and proactively strives towards making the shipping and commodities industry more diverse. Zoe prides herself on her professional discretion and nurturing of long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

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Women Together: Taking real action will make shipping more appealing to a diverse range of talents

Mrs Zoe Upson, Founder of Women Together initiative, urges for more action towards gender diversity. Women Together was developed with the aim to bring change in the industry; through this initiative and her talent solution business FACT, Mrs Upson empowers all industry stakeholders, both women and men, to be open to new ideas of how to achieve equality, bridge the pay gap and reinforce decent parental level.

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