Stelios Koroneos

Stelios Koroneos

Stelios Koroneos is the CEO of Soldecom. He has a 20 years experience in embedded systems,VOIP,breaking computers, gadgets and other electronics. Mr. Koroneos has a proven track record of success in a variety of business portfolios, as well as the ability to translate vision and strategy into effective implementation plans.

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Software is eating the shipping industry, one vessel at a time

Stelios Koroneos, CEO at Soldecom, talks about the effects of digitisation in the shipping industry, highlighting that shipping has gone through a number of disruptions since the past, which required changes to the way that the whole sector is operating. Digitisation is now the new trend, but it requires vessels to be extensively retrofitted to comply with regulations, or else they will be scrapped.

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