Silje Bareksten

Silje Bareksten

Silje Bareksten is Nor-Shipping’s first ever Head of Sustainability and Technology. Silje is responsible for Nor-Shipping’s green and digital transformation initiatives, supporting the maritime industries in developing profitable models for sustainable business activity within the ocean space. She’s a World Economic Forum Future Council member, former entrepreneur and experienced in developing organizations through innovative practices. Prior to her existing role, Silje was Head of Smart City in Oslo, where she was one of the pioneers in championing Oslo position as a sustainability and technology hub internationally.

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Oceans at risk: the rise of the blue economy

It’s 2019, and we’re almost four years into the 2030 agenda for the sustainable development goals. Through the past year, the world has seen flooding, hurricanes, melting icecaps, desert spreading, draught, oceans warming – waves of plastic, animals losing their natural habitats, notes Silje Bareksten.

Career Paths: Silje Bareksten, Nor-Shipping

Mrs. Silje Bareksten, Head of Sustainability and Technology at Nor-Shipping admits that she really enjoys her current role in helping to steer the shipping industry towards more socially responsible and sustainable practices.

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